CYGNETT iPhone 5s case Lavish Leather Black.


CYGNETT iPhone 5s case Lavish Leather Black. Marca: CYGNETT

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CYGNETT iPhone 5s case Lavish Leather Black.


Lavish – is a luxury leather case from CYGNETT . Flip Case is a very stylish and modern, it is perfect for your iPhone 5.

Slim Case Lavish is made with flap Flip, which provides additional protection screen phone from scratches. Close lid on a secure phone to a magnetic lock.
This accessory will ensure your iPhone 5 protection against external influences, impacts, abrasions, scratches and dirt. Flat, because the phone is picked up by a form cover securely on the device. This unique design leaves free access to screen, connectors and controls. Along with a cover kit including a protective film on the screen and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

This gorgeous bag is made of cowhide, and it really can be called the best in its class.


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